How the new website and logo came to be – team work & networks

Having gone free-lance and trying to keep start up costs down I got to work on my own creating business cards, and, also a website using a standard platform with technical input from my son who’s a whizz with computers. I got some business cards printed with a tree design and my son and I did pull together a reasonable website but we reached a point where we realised we didn’t have the design skills to polish it off for publishing.

Life can be very serendipitous because one day shortly after reaching this point, I was chatting to a friend and complemented a logo that had been used for a local event. She said, “that was me!”

The next time we had coffee I got to understand more about her challenges as a freelance Graphic Designer and I had a light bulb moment.  I asked if I did some coaching to help her establish more clarity on where she wanted to take her business would she mind helping me finish off my website. As is often the case with things that are helpful to both parties we agreed very naturally to work together.

After helping my friend focus in and make key decisions on the direction of her business, based on her strengths, experience, personality and personal goals, I was lucky enough to work with her to create a proper logo and website. Working on building the designs helped me tap into what I do and my USP as well as understand the types of images I am drawn to personally. Luckily my son appreciated the design, improved layout and functionality of the new website!

I believe we’ve developed a great logo and website, and hope you do too. However, knowing that feedback is the breakfast of champions – do let me know if you have any, it would be much appreciated 🙂